Ultimate Murder Mystery

from £1995
Suitable for up to 180 guests
Featuring six professional Perfect Murder Character Actors and a fully immersive plot

A team of six Perfect Murder actors present 100% immersive live-action dinner theatre . Guests will experience an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery first hand, complete with interactive characters, clues, evidence and a fiendishly clever killer determined to get away with murder.

Is the Ultimate Murder Mystery suitable for me?

Perfect Murder’s Ultimate Murder Mystery is ideal for groups of all sizes. Whether you are planning an impressive dinner party for friends, or a larger gathering for 180 colleagues, our team of actors will ensure everyone has a great time.

Our Ultimate Murder Mystery is not suitable if you are planning an event that does not include a meal, as our events require guests to be seated at dining tables. A murder mystery requires guests to follow a plot and be invested in the action; we therefore do no t recommend you have other entertainment running alongside (eg intrusive music, close-up magicians) as this will distract from the murder mystery and prevent guests from fully enjoying the event.


How does it work?

Perfect Murder’s Ultimate Murder Mystery is designed to play out over a meal (usually a formal dinner) and should not be confused with watching a play; the action and plot play out in real-time throughout. Unlike many murder mystery companies, our actors don’t read scripted scenes or perform brief vignettes between the courses of your meal; your Perfect Murder actors remain in-character at all times and the action unfolds over 2.5hrs. You are truly immersed in the plot throughout.

Our Classic Murder Mystery is a fully interactive, live-action murder mystery. There is no stage or boring scripted performance; everything happens in ‘real time’, meaning guests are involved in the murder mystery from start to finish. Our team will be ‘in character’ for the entire event and interact with your guests throughout.

Perfect Murder’s Ultimate Murder Mystery is not a scripted play, nor do we perform scenes ‘between the courses’. If you have ever dreamt of being in an episode of Miss Marple, Poirot or Murder, She Wrote, then this is for you! The plot, character background, motives and clues all occur in real time throughout the event. Ask the suspects anything and they will respond ‘in character’, we have over twenty year’s experience of creating live-action events at top venues and our team of professional actors are hand-picked by our Creative Director, ensuring we have the best performers available to deliver you a memorable murder mystery event.

“We considered several murder mystery companies in planning our event but settled on Perfect Murder as we felt reassured knowing only professional actors are used. This was definitely the right choice as our murder mystery was superb from start to finish. Miss Mapletree ran the event and was, as promised, hilarious and the other actors were amazing. Truly an immersive experience that had everyone from the off. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Perfect Murder.”
Debra Davies, NE Director, AXA UK Ltd
Below is an example event, but please note that our events can be held at any venue, at any time of day:


Pre-dinner Drinks, Meet & Greet with the Characters

Cast of Perfect Murder actors join your party and remain with you for the evening. Remaining ‘in character’ at all times, the suspects will begin to reveal the plot as the scene is set. This usually takes place in a separate space such as a bar or drawing room and lasts for approximately 30 minutes.


Dinner with the characters

The suspects join you as you dine, allowing plenty of time for guests to begin to question each suspect about events so far. The murders happen in real time; you never know if the suspect sat at your table may suddenly drop dead…but is anyone keen-eyed enough to spot the killer in action? There are clues, hints and items of evidence presented throughout the event, allowing guests the chance to build a case against the suspect they believe to be the guilty party, but with so many plot twists and red herrings, there is lots to think about.


The Accusation

Guests are given the opportunity to complete their Solution Sheets and put their case against the suspect they believe to be the killer.


The Denouement

The murderer is revealed in the traditional fashion. A classic Agatha Christie-style finale! The suspects are lined up and our skilled Perfect Murder Detective will reveal the reasons behind the murders and finally the identity of the killer. The winning team is announced and prizes awarded.

What is included?

6 x Perfect Murder professional character actors in full period costume

Choice of storyline / plot

Period background music to add atmosphere to any space

PA System and Microphone

Free-standing Evidence Board / Backdrop

Full-colour Perfect Murder guest literature for each dining table

Authentic props and clues

Solution Sheets & Pencils

Quality branded prizes

What is NOT included?



Party Guests

Where can this be held?

Perfect Murder events can be held in virtually any venue, throughout the UK and Europe. We perform hundreds of events each year in venues as diverse as exclusive-hire country houses, hotels, bars, restaurants and private homes.  We have also performed on trains, aboard boats and at outdoor events and festivals.

Because we work all over the UK and abroad, we are unable to offer assistance with venue-finding.  There are specialist companies that can help you find the perfect venue for your Perfect Murder:

I represent a venue and we would like to host a Murder Mystery Event, can you help?

Yes, we certainly can. Perfect Murder provides entertainment to many hotels and venues. Our Classic Murder Mystery is a great choice if you wish to host a ‘Murder Mystery Evening’ and sell tickets to the public. We provide a complete entertainment solution, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on what you do best. Talk to us about how we can help you plan and host your own murder mystery event.

For more general information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.
A fun & entertaining murder mystery game
Hosted by our highly experienced professional actors who will provide plenty of humour and get everyone involved making sure they are having a good time.
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