Ultimate Murder Mystery

from £2,495
Suitable for 6 - 180 guests
Featuring six professional Perfect Murder Character Actors and a fully immersive plot

Our Ultimate Murder Mystery gives you a team of six professional actors that will present an immersive murder experience that runs in real-time over dinner. The actors are in the room throughout, and the story unfolds over 2.5hrs. You and your guests will witness as the action plays out, murders occur and clues and evidence are discovered.

This is no dry, scripted play, our events are dynamic and laughter-filled; the characters / suspects perform face-to-face with your guests, spending time at each table and weaving our tale of intrigue with a gentle, family-friendly humour.


Our Agatha Christie-inspired murder mysteries are all written in-house, and our actors remain 'in character', in full theatrical costume, throughout. To help create a true period feel, we supply our own designer table literature, period background music, evidence board and full-colour backdrop with lighting. Our professional sound-system and radio microphones will ensure guests get the best possible experience and no-one will miss vital clues no matter the size of the party.

Whether you are arranging a private event yourself or your business, or are a venue looking to host a public murder mystery evening, our Ultimate Murder Mystery provides the perfect mix of period-set murder mystery fun, comedy and laughter that will impress your guests.

“A massive thank you from all at Tingdene. Another amazing event made all the more special by Miss Mapletree and her team. We all loved it!”
Tingdene Ltd, June 2019

How does it work?


100% Immersive Real-Time Live-Action Murder Mystery

The murder mystery runs in real-time throughout your event. We perform a 30min pre-dinner introduction during which the characters are introduced, then the plot plays out over dinner.

Starting with a 30min pre-dinner introduction, your event will include all the elements of a classic Agatha Christie-style mystery. Six professional actors perform face-to-face with your guests, and the story unfolds in real-time.


Solve the mystery

The Ulitmate Murder Mystery is based on a fully immersive extended storyline, meaning your guests will enjoy solving a tricky mystery laced with clues and evidence, plus more subplots and red-herrings compared to our Classic Murder Mystery.

Our events are light-hearted and great fun; we don't expect people to sit in silence and listen to dull scripted dialogue. With Perfect Murder, you will all be immersed in the action and part of the plot.

Example Event

NB: Timings for example only, our murder mysteries can be held any time of the day (we're just as funny at lunchtime). The total length of the performance will depend on the number of guests, speed of food service and various other factors, but will not exceed 3 hours.

Drinks Reception

Guests assemble ready for the entrance of the cast at 7.30pm. Our immaculately costumed actors join the party and the murder mystery gets underway. An informal 'meet & greet' during which the characters and story are introduced.


Guests are invited through to the dining room and the murder mystery unfolds throughout the rest of the evening. Dinner may be served without the need for a strict timetable; the murder mystery entertainment runs independently of the meal so there is no pressure for catering staff to serve courses at particular times. Our actors spend time at each table, interacting with guests and everyone should be on their guard as our killer can strike at any moment. Two 'murders' will occur during the course of the evening, and evidence and clues will be discovered. Guests are free to interrogate the suspects and will be at the centre of the action throughout.


The Accusation

The remaining suspects are gathered, evidence reviewed and guests issued with Conclusion Sheets to allow them enter their solution to the mystery.


The Denouément

Classic Agatha Christie-style denouement during which the killer will be revealed. The suspects are lined up and are discounted one-by-one at our crack sleuth, Miss Mapletree reveals WHODUNNIT. The dramatic finale ends with the winner being announced and prizes awarded. The murder mystery closes and guests are wished a good night by the team from Perfect Murder.

“It was non-stop laughter and the feedback from our whole party has been 100% positive. As you know, it was a dream of my wife's to have a murder mystery party, and she absolutely loved it. It was a big decision, but you gave us the confidence that Perfect Murder was the right choice. I can now say for sure that it was! You were incredible and I can't thank you enough for making Jackie's 50th so special. Thank you so much.”
Michael Davies, Wiltshire, March 2023


Intriguing and entertaining in equal measure, our Murder Mysteries come complete with everything you need to make your event memorable.
Ultimate Murder Mystery
Our fully inclusive* fee includes the following:
  1. Six professional actors in full theatrical costume
  2. Choice of Storyline / theme
  3. Full-colour guest literature
  4. Authentic props & clues
  5. Period background music
  6. PA system
  7. Full colour backdrop and lighting
  8. Full-colour Conclusion Sheets
  9. Pencils & notepaper
  10. Prizes and Gifts
  11. 5* rated Murder Mystery Entertainment
Suitable for:
  1. 6 – 180 guests
  2. Private events
  3. Business events
  4. Corporate dinners
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*Congestion Charges, Low Emission Zone fees / similar city charges will be added to your invoice if your venue is within charging zones.
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