Perfect Murder Interactive

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Suitable for up to 20 guests
Our interactive murder mystery game, led and hosted by a Perfect Murder professional host.

Perfect Murder Interactive is fun and involving for your guests. You become both suspects AND detectives, each with a character to portray as the murder mystery unfolds. Find and examine clues, question the other characters and attempt to work out WHODUNNIT!

How does it work?

Set the scene

Your Perfect Murder professional host will join you for a 30min pre-dinner introduction during which the scene is set, the story and characters are introduced, and guests are issued their Character Profile cards.

Light-hearted and informal, we ensure everyone is put at ease and are ready to help solve the mystery.

Get into character

We recommend that Perfect Murder Interactive is played out over dinner, around the dining table. Once the pre-dinner introduction is complete, your Perfect Murder professional host will invite guests to take their seats at the dining table and assume their character for the rest of the evening.

You are welcome to tell guests which character they will be playing in advance and fancy dress is welcome (though optional).

Solve the crime

The murder mystery then plays out over dinner. Guests have a mystery to solve based on one of a choice of plots (1920s, 1950s or 1960s) and during the evening, your Perfect Murder host will introduce clues and evidence.

By examining the evidence (presented on a full-colour Evidence Board) and questioning the other suspects, guests will be able to eliminate certain members of the party from their enquiries, but someone around the table is lying and towards the end of the evening, you will be given the opportunity to solve the crime.

There is no serious acting required of your guests (although Oscar-winning performances are encouraged) and there are no lines to learn as you are given all the information you require on full-colour character cards.

Perfect Murder Interactive includes:

One Perfect Murder professional host

Choice of Plot (choose from 1920s, 1950s or 1960s)

Period background music

Music system

Full colour guest Character Cards

Name Badge for each character

Full colour clue pack

Free-standing evidence Board / backdrop

Pencils and Notepaper

Conclusion Sheets

Prizes for winner and runner-up


2 hours

Number of guests:

Up to 20 guests

Suitable for:

Family parties

Team Building events

For more general information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.
A fun & entertaining murder mystery game
Hosted by one of our highly experienced professional actors who will provide plenty of humour and get everyone involved making sure they are having a good time.
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