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Our Hen Night Murder Mystery is great fun and guarantees to get everyone involved and having a good time.

The Bride-to-Be and her guests each play a character in one of our fun storylines, whilst our professional Actor leads the event. Hilarity guaranteed with our vintage Hen Night Murder Mystery!

Our highly experienced professional Compére leads an evening of fun and laughter, all cleverly woven into an intriguing comedy murder mystery. They are on hand throughout the evening to ensure the laughs keep coming, assist you in finding clues and generally ensure everyone has a great time.


Our Murder Mysteries are great fun for Hen Parties as they allow everyone to be involved as much or as little as they wish. No one is made to feel uncomfortable, in fact a murder mystery is a great way to get all your guests relaxed and in the mood for a good time. No acting skills are required...although Oscar-worthy performances are of course encouraged!

Towards the end of the evening, our Detective will issue Conclusion Sheets to all guests and invite them to formulate their case against the suspect they believe to be the guilty party.

Prizes are awarded to the winner/s and there are further gifts for the winner of the quiz and best-dressed.


How does it work?

Below is an example of our Hen Night Murder Mystery Event:


Pre-dinner Drinks, Meet & Greet with the Characters

Your professional Murder Mystery actor joins guests and introduces the event. A 20-30 minute 'meet and greet' over drinks takes place, during which the murder mystery premise is set up. Character information cards are issued to each guest and the Murder Mystery begins. It's all about team spirit and fun, no serious acting required (although Oscar-winning performances are of course welcome!)

Our actor, who arrives in full theatrical costume and will remain in character throughout, will lead the event and ensure your guests all have a fantastic murder mystery experience. Authentic props and clues provide additional detail.


Dinner with the characters

Dinner is served and the murder mystery plays out, in real-time, throughout. Guests will question each other and our actor will ensure the storyline and clues are revealed at the right times. Beware the killer on the loose - you never know if you may feel the cold hand of fate on your shoulder during dinner!

Our events are all about fun and entertainment. We promise you will hear lots of laughter as your guests enter into the world of Perfect Murder.


The Denouement

Conclusions are reached and the classic Agatha Christie-style denouement takes place. The killer is revealed, the clues explained and prizes are awarded to the winning team.

We supply:

A professional Actor in full theatrical costume

Choice of storyline / theme

Period background music

Character for each of your guests*

(Max 20 characters, although additional guests may be added)

Full colour guest literature

Authentic clues and props

Quality branded prizes

You supply:




A glass of water for our Actor


from £595

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Our Hen Night Murder Mystery is great fun, hosted by one of our highly experienced professional actors who will provide plenty of humour and get everyone involved making sure they are having a good time.
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