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In News by Chris

Perfect Murder’s team of actors were invited to perform in Aylesbury this weekend, by a lady wishing to host her own murder mystery birthday party.  Guests were invited to attend ‘A Night at the BARFs’ our 1950s Oscars Night murder mystery story, set at the British Academy of Radio and Film awards.  With 100 guests to entertain, we provided a team of six murder mystery performers, along with everything required for a successful murder mystery event such as background music and a PA system; a professional murder mystery event from start to finish.

Our actors remain in character throughout, so guests are able to interact with the suspects in the murder mystery and ask questions, gather evidence and find clues for the whole evening.  We don’t perform scripted scenes or require guests to sit in silence; everything plays out in ‘real-time’, meaning guests will witness the plot unfold.  Even the ‘murders’ happen during the course of the evening, but will anyone spot whodunnit?!

A fabulous evening and a great way to celebrate my 60th.  The murder mystery was brilliant and kept everyone interested.  It was really funny and the humour was pitched perfectly for a family party, which I imagine isn’t always easy!  Thank you so much for making my 60th special.  Di Benson, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Hosting a murder mystery party of your own is easy with Perfect Murder.  We included as standard everything you need for a great murder mystery party and offer full liaison with your chosen venue.  Choose a venue (there are loads of options but we love Big Cottages who specialise in amazing houses and venues for parties and events), set the date and invite your guests and Perfect Murder does the rest.  We look after every aspect of the murder mystery entertainment for you.

  • Professional performers in full theatrical costume
  • Choice of story-line / theme
  • Period background music and PA system
  • Full-colour guest literature
  • Pencils and notepaper
  • Prizes for the winner/s

Our Classic Murder Mystery runs for 2.5 hours and the action is continuous.  We don’t require a stage or performance space as our actors work face-to-face with your guests.  Perhaps the closest you will get to starring in an episode of Miss Marple, Perfect Murder’s live action events are created to evoke the very best of the English murder mystery; Agatha Christie-inspired plots with immaculate period costumes and authentic props and clues.